Title: 2016-08-08T17:22:39.815-07:00
Usually get delivery from here 1-2 times a month. Food is always hot and fresh. It also gets to my house pretty quick. Highly Recommend.
Title: 2016-06-10T23:08:10.341-07:00
Amazingly fast! Driver was super friendly! And the food was amazing! I'll be ordering from you guys
Title: 2015-06-20T10:18:25.599-07:00
Just had your pork fried rice could not eat it.Rice was oily and not fresh tasting peas not good por
Title: 2015-05-20T18:42:49.829-07:00
Where should I begin? There are so many in depth bitch fest's out there I'll just call it clean and simple. I ordered a dinner online with a couple extras to make sure I hit the minimum of $15.00 for delivery. After about an hour after I placed my order I got a bit curious if everything worked as it was supposed to as the restaurant was only 3 miles away. I called the number provided by chinesemenue.com at about the hour and a half mark. (My conformation email was received at 805pm, food was not delivered until 940pm, 10 min after the call.) The person who answered the phone was rude, indignant, and offered no information except "just wait". After finally getting my food, they got my order completely wrong!!!! After almost two hours!!! And being talked down to by someone who didn't give a damn when I just called to check the status at the hour and a half mark!! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!
Title: 2015-03-05T15:00:34.168-08:00
Either pick up or delivery, for vegetarian Chinese food we find this hard to beat for the price.
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