Title: 2018/12/5 16:43:38
I ordered Kong pio chicken and it wasn't spicy at all. Bland at best. Plus the chicken was fried. I'm never ordered Kong po chicken and have it be fried anywhere I've ever ordered it. Plus I found bones in the chicken. Paid $11 and I'm not too impressed at all
Title: 2018/12/22 17:11:26
Are you open on Christmas Day
Title: 2018/10/11 20:24:55
Hello, I am curious if you offer healthy options? For example, mixed vegetables steamed chicken, with Brown sauce on the side (no oil) for delivery? Thank you for your time. (Seriously, thank you. ) Have a good one .
Title: 2018/1/4 0:31:00
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Title: 2017/11/20 22:35:43
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