Title: 2014-02-24T17:44:27.052-08:00
WORST CHINESE I've ever had in my entire life all of my meals tasted the same boring plain and dull.
Title: 2014-02-15T17:07:26.370-08:00
Just ordered for the first time. I was very glad to hear a Chinese place still delivered. We had our
Title: 2014-02-12T18:07:27.424-08:00
Good luck getting your food in any type of decent time if they are busy. They either don't have enough delivery drivers or they are holding orders too long before they send their drivers.
Title: 2013-01-04T18:15:15.780-08:00
We ordered food at 7:00pm and at 9pm we still had no food delivered. It would at least have been nice to get a call or some good reason why our order was taking so long. probably will not order from here ever again being that this is the third time this has happened.
Title: Delivered at wrong time12/9/2012 10:39:52 AM
I placed an order through your online ordering system at about 12:00 this afternoon. I selected for it to be delivered at 4:30 this afternoon however it was delivered before 1:00. I guess that means that my family and I are having a cold $80 dinner tonight.
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