Title: gluten free5/23/2014 5:10:18 AM
Do you have gluten free soy sauce? What dishes can be made gluten free?
Title: Stay away!!5/20/2015 6:56:33 PM
Horrible service, rude people who answer the phone, waited over an hour and a half before I called to get the rude asshole. (I ordered online) They got the order wrong and just knocked once and ran to their car. And not a sauce one!!! $22.00!!! "One meal" Stay away from this HITLER ENDORSED STAIN ON HUMANITY!!!!! Go somewhere that wants and appreciates your business. This is not the place. Food sucks too. Very, very dry.
Title: customer4/23/2016 5:57:17 PM
I understand not having something but there is no beverage choice, I wrote Dr. Pepper and instead of calling me I get a Sprite. I would have preferred anything else, Coke, Pepsi, Root Beer, no diet, but I abasolutely do not like Sprite or the lemon type soda. And I will not run the delivary driver around over a soda as it hurts both him nd you. I have used you since I moved in. I hope you note in my record no sprites.Thank you,Annette PerezAnd the driver was trying to help me out and was very nice and polite. Please thank him for me.
Title: we do permit4/19/2016 8:02:09 AM
we do all permit from a too z if you call202-590-3141 residential commercial adores permit .c.o.
Title: shrimp4/19/2016 2:43:14 PM
Please be sure to de-eien the Shrimp. It is Shrimp crap!
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